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Now people's living standards have been improved, and they pay special attention to home decoration. The bathroom, which was the most easily ignored in the past, is now attracting people's attention. Now people know how to enjoy life better, so the decoration design of the bathroom is also more avant-garde, so how should the bathroom be decorated? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the effect drawing of the decorated bathroom and the decoration style of the open bathroom

effect picture of toilet decoration 1. Chinese style

Chinese style has always been a favorite decorative style. If the toilet is also designed into Chinese style, it also highlights the classical charm of Chinese style. In that case, most of the Chinese wash desks use white countertops. Later, with Chinese style mahogany door panels, the whole counter not only reflects the traditional Chinese style, but also looks very elegant and generous. And the countertop of the whole bathtub is decorated with light gray marble, reflecting the traditional Chinese style atmosphere. The whole bathroom is designed into an open style, and the shower room can also be designed into a dry wet separation. The top of the bathroom also highlights the unique Chinese style, using a transparent glass ceiling and matching with Chinese ink painting patterns, so that people can enjoy the beauty of Chinese ink painting while bathing, which is not only a special flavor

effect picture of bathroom decoration 2. Modern simple style

when decorating the bathroom, the general modern simple style home decoration style can also be used. While the general bathroom is designed to be simple style, the color of the floor and the whole simple theme complement each other, and the color is mainly white. The floor to ceiling window adopts panoramic glass, and the bathroom is equipped with a spacious floor to ceiling window, The whole view is wider. At the same time, a white ceramic bathtub is placed in the middle, so that people can enjoy the infinite scenery outside the window while bathing, so that the whole space presents a simple, casual and comfortable bathing environment for people

effect picture of bathroom decoration 3. European style

many people will also design the bathroom as a European style luxury style, and the biggest feature of the European style is that it is mainly golden yellow, highlighting the luxurious, exquisite and beautiful effect of the bathroom. Therefore, the color adopts the golden color system as the theme, and both the wall tiles and floor tiles of the bathroom are decorated with golden colors, Even the mirror on the wall and the dressing table used for washing are uniformly decorated with gold. For better harmony, the washing table is made of pure white marble, giving people a luxurious feeling

conclusion: the above content is about the introduction of the style and effect of decorating the bathroom. I hope it can help you. I believe that through the above content, you will know more about the decoration of the bathroom and help you better decorate your own bathroom





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