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In autumn, the climate is dry, and the wall decoration process of puttying, painting and gypsum leveling dries quickly. A little carelessness is easy to cause wall cracking due to too fast drying. Wallpaper is the choice for many people to decorate the wall. However, in autumn, it is easy to have problems such as edge warping, cracking and even falling off due to the dry climate, and wallpaper paving has high technical requirements for workers. Therefore, the construction stage is very critical to prevent wallpaper from drying and cracking. Wall decoration is a huge part of home decoration, which is crucial to the quality of the whole home decoration. Instead of focusing on the matters needing attention when decorating the wall in autumn, why not break the tradition and decorate the new home with the overall background wallboard? So what is the convenience of choosing the overall background wallboard

the overall background wallboard is made of multi-layer solid wood raw materials, which has stable physical properties and is not easy to be affected by external factors such as climate. It can be constructed in hot summer or dry and cold winter, solving the problems that traditional wall decoration materials such as paint and wallpaper cannot overcome. Its service life is also far better than paint, wallpaper and other wall decoration materials. The painted wall surface will crack and fall off, and the edge warping phenomenon of the wallpaper cannot be avoided after a long time, which will greatly affect the beauty of the wall surface, while the overall background wall panel will not have this kind of trouble and will be durable. In addition, the overall background wallboard has powerful functions. In addition to having good decorative effects, it is also a functional board. Its green, sound insulation, moisture-proof and other advantages must be familiar to everyone. The autumn decoration season is coming, so it is very important to choose the right decoration materials. The overall background wallboard can be called a fighter in the decoration materials, and it is a good choice for autumn decoration

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