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The integrated ceiling integrates the four functions of heating, ventilation, lighting and metal ceiling, that is, the installation of heating, ventilation, lighting and sound effects in the kitchen and bathroom and the installation of metal ceiling in one step, with flexible layout and convenient maintenance, which is also the mainstream product of the current kitchen and bathroom ceiling. "Due to its short rise time, consumers' understanding of it is limited to appearance and convenience, so the way of shopping is simplified."

“ It's easiest to buy an integrated ceiling. Choose the design and color, and compare the thickness of the board. OK& rdquo; At least six of the ten decoration owners feel that the ceiling is the simplest choice of main materials. Is it really that simple

the integrated ceiling integrates the four functions of heating, ventilation, lighting and metal ceiling, that is, the installation of heating, ventilation, lighting and sound effects in the kitchen and bathroom and the installation of metal ceiling in one step, with flexible layout and convenient maintenance, which is also the mainstream product of the current kitchen and bathroom ceiling& ldquo; Due to its short rise time, consumers' understanding of it is limited to appearance and convenience, so the purchase method is simplified& rdquo; The author Muyou learned from many insiders that the purchase of integrated ceiling needs to pay attention to two aspects: plate and electrical appliances, and consider many details


matching style and color

cold color in kitchen

kitchen and bathroom ceiling occupies home space “ Half the sky ”, What style and color to choose is the primary consideration in the purchase of integrated ceiling. Since it is an integrated ceiling, it certainly has advantages in appearance. The author visited the major building materials markets and found that the integrated ceiling is mostly aluminum, with a common size of 300× 300、300× 600, and 300× 450, which is the same as the design, color and size of ceramic tiles, with rich color series and various styles, and can meet various decoration needs

chenyanbing, the ceiling designer of lamut, suggested that in order to ensure that the whole home color should not exceed three principles, it is recommended to use one color in the same space, and try to match the style of the adjacent space and other materials in the same space. However, it is recommended to use cold colors for the ceiling of the kitchen. There is a lot of oil smoke and high temperature in the kitchen. Use cold colors to neutralize it, giving people a sense of spaciousness and coolness; Bathroom ceiling is recommended to use warm colors, giving people a warm, safe feeling and relaxing

the commonly used material is aluminum plate

the thicker the better

after comparing the style and color, it is time to see whether the aluminum quality of the ceiling panel is good& ldquo; It is right to look at the thickness of the aluminum plate, but the thicker the aluminum plate is, the better& rdquo; Manager Qiao of lamut ceiling said that good aluminum manufacturers will not produce plates with a thickness of more than 0.68mm. On the contrary, some low-quality aluminum ceilings use recycled garbage aluminum, which not only cannot be made thin, but also prone to corrosion and surface peeling

“ It is recommended that families use 0.6 ~ 0.8mm aluminum plates, pay attention to the thickness of the coating, and observe whether the merchants increase the overall thickness by thickening the coating& rdquo; The so-called coating refers to the surface treatment of three different materials and methods: roll coating, film coating and oxidation on the surface of aluminum substrate, with high, medium and low prices. Manager qiao, who has been engaged in the building materials industry for many years, recommends the use of roll coated aluminum plates with high cost performance, which are not easy to blister on the surface and the price is not high

select aluminum plate

visual inspection, hand feeling, ear hearing, bending

how to select aluminum plate specifically, the sales consultant of lamut ceiling summarized a set of good methods &mdash& mdash;& mdash; Four steps: visual inspection, hand feeling, ear hearing and bending

visual inspection: the board surface is flat without scratches or other defects; The section is free of blackening, graying, greening and impurities; Whether the gloss and thickness are uniform; Whether the paint is baked on both sides, and whether the manufacturer's logo and production date are painted on the back

feel: whether the touch surface is smooth and delicate, and whether there are burrs; Check the authenticity of the material, and use a magnet to verify the purity of the aluminum plate. Aluminum does not attract magnetism, and secondary aluminum or fake aluminum will attract magnetism; At the same time, touch the back and pick the anti-corrosion coating with your hand. If it will fall off, it means that the material is not good

ear listening: a good aluminum gusset plate is knocked with fingers, and the metal sound is obvious and crisp; The sound of poor aluminum gusset plate is stuffy, and the metal sound is not obvious

bending: bend the aluminum plate properly by hand to see whether it can return to the original shape to test the elasticity, and check the toughness and strength

auxiliary materials are ignored

confirm one by one when purchasing

when choosing the integrated ceiling, most consumers only pay attention to the materials that can be seen after the installation, and ignore the vital auxiliary materials. In fact, the profits of auxiliary materials are large, and they are often easy to be exploited by illegal businesses. Compared with the integrated ceiling, the auxiliary materials are equivalent to the foundation and beams and columns of the building. Some ceilings have been installed for less than two years, and the deformation, subsidence and even collapse of the ceiling have been caused by the corrosion or inability of the auxiliary materials to bear the load. Therefore, as the main frame part of the installation, including triangular keel, main keel, suspender, hanger, sideline and other auxiliary materials, you must confirm clearly with the merchant when purchasing, so as to avoid secretly adjusting materials in the later installation

electrical appliances

don't integrate

functional appliances are more convenient for subdivision

in addition to choosing panels, integrated ceiling also needs to choose kitchen and bathroom appliances. Everyone thinks this is a simple thing, because in the past, installing a bath bully in the integrated ceiling was all done, and the lighting, ventilation and heating were integrated. With the development of integrated ceiling, the choice of electrical parts is greater, and the products are more humanized, “ The lighting module, heating module and ventilation module are all independent, and the finer the functional appliances are, the more humane ”. For example, multiple local lighting can be installed for lighting, heating can be installed in the bathroom, ventilation can be multi-point ventilation according to dry and wet zoning, and multiple switch buttons are integrated in one or two boxes. In this way, it is more convenient and safe to use, and it is easier to repair later

ensure the safety of electrical appliances

choose 3C certification

once, accidents such as the explosion of heating lamps, the roar of ventilators, and the fire caused by wind heating caused by the poor quality of kitchen and bathroom ceiling appliances have occurred frequently. Therefore, when choosing integrated ceilings, you must be careful and choose large brands and qualified products

simply put, you can ask the integrated ceiling merchants more and directly consult the electrical appliance merchants cooperating with the integrated ceiling. The safest way is to check whether the electrical module has passed the international quality certification and the national 3C compulsory certification, and pay attention to whether these marks are attached to the electrical panel. If they are obviously printed on the surface or pasted with plastic paper, please choose carefully

choose lighting, heating and ventilation equipment

rely on seeing and listening

good products of big brands have indeed broken through many technologies in the past. Consumers can choose electrical appliances according to the new standards, mainly by watching and listening

for example, the traditional length of the heating bubble in the heating equipment is 165mm, and the length of the new product has reached 183mm. The reflection distance is farther, and it is no longer as hot as before; Moreover, some brand merchants will leave the heating bubble open and spray it with water to prove that it will not burst

large brand ventilators adopt fully enclosed ball bearing motors, which are no longer noisy as before. It depends on whether the plastic parts such as ventilator impeller use ABS primary raw materials. Most of the ventilator in the market use recycled materials, which are easy to age and crack and have a short service life. The distinction is very simple. It is OK to directly visually check. The gloss and flexibility of the new material are very good, and it looks crystal clear; The recycled material is gray white, opaque and mixed with impurities

when choosing lighting equipment, first of all, check whether high-quality electronic ballasts are used, listen to whether there is no noise when the lighting lamp is started, and whether the lamp tube does not flash. Secondly, it is easy to distinguish whether fluorescent tube lamps are used. Fluorescent tube lamps are close to natural light, and the brighter the tubes are; The poor lamp adopts halogen powder tube lamp. Unlike natural light, the color of light is a little blue or purple, and the light is getting darker and darker




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