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What kind of chemical reaction will happen when Suzhou embroidery more than 2000 years ago collides with the European style that has been precipitated since the Renaissance? Let's feel it

European style

is the synonym of the entire European civilization

since the Renaissance

it has screened the characteristics of various European styles

and refined them

it has collected the cultural traditions of European countries

expressed its strong cultural connotation

Suzhou embroidery

after more than 2000 years of development

it has formed an independent embroidery style

personalized tailor-made in Qianzhuang

let Suzhou embroidery no longer be limited to old patterns Style

infiltrates humanized taste

what kind of chemical reaction will occur when Suzhou embroidery more than 2000 years ago collides with the European style precipitated from the Renaissance? Let's feel it


Rococo style was produced in France and popular in Europe in the 1820s. It was developed on the basis of Baroque, mainly in interior decoration

"Rococo" takes the classic European Court door pocket as the design element, inherits the ancient Greek architectural relief three-dimensional column form, and matches the classic Rococo roll grass pattern to create a luxurious and exquisite court decoration style

Qianzhuang presents the three-dimensional feeling and exquisite carving texture of European arched door jambs with traditional embroidery techniques. Through gorgeous color matching, it shows the softness and delicacy of silk thread


in the Victorian era, Architecture tends to absorb Gothic architecture in the 12th century. Its abrupt windows, sharp roofs and heavy iron decoration are symbols of wealth, civilization and greatness

Qianzhuang is crown shaped, with soft silk threads and rich colors, focusing on the depiction of curly grass patterns, implying wealth and continuity; The dark side gradually integrates with the background, and the hollow structure reflects the light and shadow effect more strongly

in Europe in the 12th century BC, "iron art" appeared, which was mostly used for the decoration of buildings, homes and gardens

Qianzhuang takes "iron art" decoration as the basic modeling, and integrates natural plant patterns. It is gorgeous and elegant. Through multi-level color combinations, fine embroidery shows the softness and luxuriance of Rococo style curves

iris originally means iris, the national flower of France, and it is also the symbol of the French royal family. It is widely used in the heraldry of the French royal family. Through the interpretation of the form from helmet, crown, cloth edge, shield, etc., it shows the gorgeous form of the heraldry in decorative art

Qianzhuang embroidery "Alice" strictly follows the color and form characteristics of the French royal coat of arms, selects the iris as the main body, and outlines the artistic sense and luxurious bearing of the noble coat of arms through the form of ancient Greek relief columns and the form of curling grass

the so-called style

is a kind of continuous cultural trend formed with the cultural trend for a long time

unified content

has a strong unique cultural trend

and Qianzhuang

integrates different styles into embroidery

deduces the style with embroidery

thin lines can form a strong arch

soft silk can draw elegant iris


committed to giving you the most shocking beauty

(source: Qianzhuang process)




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