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Skyscraper exterior wall paint warning: don't pay more for the "concept" of environmental protection

skyscraper exterior wall paint warning: don't pay more for the "concept" of environmental protection

August 9, 2010

[China paint information] [Abstract] in the old society, there was a food famine. Now there is a food safety panic, but the food in the advertisement is preaching that "we are safe and green". Isn't the food originally safe? Similarly, as the leading enterprise of China's exterior wall coating, Motian exterior wall coating pointed out that most enterprises are now trying to emphasize the environmental protection of their products. But the water-based exterior wall coatings, which are harmless and green to human body, are the same as food. Environmental protection is their basic attribute, and there is no need for advertising! Environmental protection does not mean high price

when our life is far from "hunger", the problem of food safety has been put on our table. Unscrupulous businessmen are producing black hearted food, while the media are always reporting that the Chinese people have been suffering from "appetite panic" for a long time. From fake duck blood, KFC "Sudan No. 1", Sanlu toxic milk powder, to clucking melamine eggs, as well as ambiguous Sprite, Nongfu mountain spring and other "door events" emerge one after another

what is symmetrical with the problem of food safety is that the "big plays" of food safety advertisements on television, radio, newspapers and other media have also been shown one after another. Almost all foods advertise that they are green food and do not contain any substances harmful to human body. Not to mention that we have no way to study food. As the advertisement says, advertising has been influencing our logic. Food itself should be safe and green, which is the basic attribute of food. Now we are publicizing the fact that we have tacitly accepted thousands of years ago: food should be safe, and food safety issues do not need advertising

advertisements of other products also have similar problems. Take water-based exterior wall paint and exterior wall emulsion paint as examples, including most domestic paint manufacturers are hyping and playing with the "environmental protection concept" of products. Ferris exterior wall coating tells us a basic fact. Like food, water-based exterior wall coating is green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and harmless to human body. There is no need to hype

environmental protection and low-carbon life is the enterprise's

environmental protection and green have become the consensus of the world. In China, influenced by the low-carbon environmental protection concept of the Beijing Olympic Games and the initiative of the 2009 Copenhagen conference, low pollution, green and environmental friendly exterior wall coatings have become the darling of the market. Starting from the environmental protection shopping bag of "I am not a plastic bag", it is far more valuable than LV bag for people who love environmental protection life. The pursuit of green and environment-friendly life is more reflected in the aspect of living and home furnishings. The painting of green furniture, energy-saving appliances and more detailed places - interior and exterior walls

at the early stage of the development of exterior wall coatings, the quality level of some domestic coatings was low, and the phenomena of fading, peeling, peeling and chalking occurred after years of use. The quality was not up to standard, let alone low-carbon environmental protection. Therefore, the consumption concept that exterior wall coatings are low-grade decorations and do not meet the requirements of high-grade exterior wall decoration has been formed for a long time

with the rapid development of domestic real estate in recent years, the exterior wall coating industry has also ushered in a golden period of development, and the sales volume has also been rising year after year. In order to cater to the consumers' psychology of environmental protection and low carbon, many domestic coating enterprises have launched various types of environmental protection interior and exterior wall coatings, making full use of the concept of "environmental protection". In fact, many domestic coating enterprises have not even passed the basic environmental protection standard "ten ring certification", while Ferris exterior wall coating has passed the "ten ring certification" as early as 2000 years ago and passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification

while the coating enterprises are playing with the "environmental protection concept of exterior wall coating products", as a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of exterior wall coatings, Motian exterior wall coatings reminds consumers not to be led to the misunderstanding of "environmental protection". Environmental protection belongs to the basic function of water-based exterior wall coatings, but it has been thrown out by the merchants as a selling point, wantonly increasing its own value and causing a premium, Consumers need to spend more money to buy "environmental protection concept"

how much is the "concept" of environmental protection? Who will pay the bill

coating merchants seize the psychological needs of consumers, launch environmental protection exterior wall coatings, play with the concept of environmental protection, promote their "environmental protection coatings" through various media and market activities, and transfer huge advertising and marketing expenses to products, which will be paid by buyers

once the coatings on the market are labeled with "environmental protection, green and low carbon", they are much more expensive than the products of the same grade. The mainstream "environmental protection" exterior wall coatings are sixorseven hundred, and those that are a little more expensive are thousands. Most buyers don't know where you are, just to buy peace of mind. Moreover, it is difficult for ordinary people to judge whether it is really environmental protection. On the one hand, the coating is too professional, and most people can't study it in depth in order to buy exterior wall coating. On the other hand, the market situation of testing instruments such as tensile testing machines advertised is also very good, and the guidance often makes people lose their judgment. At the time of purchase, it is impossible to identify whether the exterior wall coating has formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful substances only by virtue of the cylindrical copper body of the outer packaging

the traditional exterior wall coating belongs to oily coating, which is generally composed of main paint, curing agent, thinner, etc. The use ratio is generally 2:1:2, that is, 5kg of paint needs at least 2kg of thinner, and the cleaning tools also need thinner. The main components of the thinner are benzene, toluene and xylene. A large amount of thinner volatilizes into the atmosphere, seriously polluting the environment. With the development of exterior wall coating technology, more environmentally friendly water-based coatings have taken the place. More coating enterprises adapt to the general trend and produce water-based exterior wall coatings based on emulsion paint. Ferris exterior wall coatings has a 20-year research and development background. From the selection of raw materials, the environmental protection of formulas to the control of finished product inspection, they adhere to the principles of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission, and the products they produce meet the requirements of energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon

for businesses, creating the concept of environmental protection is nothing more than trying to open up a market and grab higher profits. Environmental friendly exterior wall coating is the embodiment of technological progress in coating product development, market development and social civilization, and should not be used as an excuse for price increase. Ferris exterior wall coating reminds consumers that in the home industry, they should choose environmentally friendly exterior wall coatings that truly meet the requirements of low emission, low energy consumption and low pollution. Consumers should look at the energy consumption, carbon emission and other indicators of the coating in the whole production process when purchasing the coating. Environmental protection exterior wall coating is a trend. In the future market competition, only low-carbon environmental protection and green energy-saving exterior wall coating can better meet the needs of consumers, win social recognition and adapt to the future development

don't be cheated by "paint". How to identify environmental friendly exterior wall coatings

how to identify real green coatings

the environmental protection signs of the outer packaging of many exterior wall coatings are printed on the hardness value of the "random" materials of the business, which can be converted into the tensile strength value. Even some famous brand paints are "fakes" canned by fake manufacturers. Therefore, be sure to pay attention when purchasing. First of all, we should not only see the word "national standard" on the coating, but also "one standard, two Certifications". One standard refers to whether the exterior wall coating meets the GB limit standard for harmful substances in building exterior wall coating. The two certifications refer to "ten ring certification" and "ISO 14001 environmental management system certification" respectively. "Ten ring certification" is recognized and issued by China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Committee. ISO 14000 series standards are environmental management system standards formulated by the international organization for standardization. Enterprises have corresponding identification certificates. It is best to verify the authenticity of their certificates, not just the copies

look at the coating surface. The protective glue solution layer of high-quality multi-color coating is colorless or yellowish and clear. Smell whether there is pungent smell in the coating. Toxic coating may not have peculiar smell, but the coating with peculiar smell must be toxic

those who know a little about technology can carefully check the quality inspection report of the product, especially the total organic volatile content (VOC) of the coating. At present, the national standard for VOC content of coatings stipulates that it should not exceed 200 mg per liter, the better coatings should be less than 100 mg per liter, and the environmentally friendly waterborne exterior wall coatings are close to zero

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iso 14001:iso 14001 is the code for environmental management system certification. ISO 14000 series standards are environmental management system standards formulated by the international organization for standardization. It is formulated according to the needs of international economic and trade development and in line with the development of international environmental protection, in view of the increasingly serious global environmental pollution and ecological destruction, the threat of major environmental problems such as ozone layer destruction, global warming and the disappearance of biodiversity to the future survival and development of mankind

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