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Six major overseas power and transportation projects: involving an investment of 59billion US dollars

six major overseas power and transportation projects: involving an investment of 59billion US dollars

China Construction Machinery Information

infrastructure has been established every year, especially in recent years. In recent years, China has not only set off a frenzy of infrastructure construction in China, but also a large number of Chinese companies have gone abroad and spent a large amount of money on a large number of infrastructure construction in the world, such as transportation, real estate, power stations, etc. For example, the Nigerian high-speed railway with an investment of US $13.1 billion, and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor with an investment of US $32billion....

32 billion - China Pakistan Economic Corridor

this is a huge project connecting the southern port of Gwadar in Pakistan and the western region of China, including roads, railways and oil and gas pipelines. In february2013, the control of Gwadar Port was taken over by China Overseas Group Co., Ltd. Through this economic corridor, the road from Western China to the Indian Ocean will be opened up, and China is equivalent to obtaining an economic entrance to the Indian Ocean

1.5 billion US dollars - West Texas wind farm in 2011, Shenyang Electric Power Group signed an agreement of intent to build a wind farm in West Texas covering an area of 36000 acres, which will become one of the largest wind farms in the United States. The farm will be generated by wind turbines made in China, and the Export Import Bank of China has provided a £ 880million loan for the project

1.3 billion U.S. dollars - Nigeria zangelu water market share has increased significantly

last July, when Nigerian President Jonathan visited Beijing, he signed an agreement with China, which will help Nigeria build a 700million watt dam on the Niger River. The dam is only 90 miles away from Abuja, the capital of the country. It will take five years. China will provide 75% of the construction loan for 20 years with an interest rate of 2.5%

13.1 billion US dollars - Nigerian high-speed railway

in May this year, China Railway Construction and Nigeria could not accurately collect the signals of high-speed changes. The Japanese government signed a £ 7.6 billion contract. The company will build a 1385 km long railway line in Nigeria with a design speed of 120 km/h. However, no detailed scheme on the line has been announced

On april15,2006, the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of public works of Algeria issued a temporary notice of award, awarding the middle and West sections of Algeria's East-West Expressway to the CITIC Group China Railway Construction (hereinafter referred to as the citic/crcc consortium), The total bid winning amount of the middle and West sections is about US $6.25 billion (the rest is won by Japanese companies)

the expressway starts from the Moroccan border in the East and ends at the Tunisian border in the west, connecting major port cities in Algeria, with a total length of 1218 km

1.7 billion US dollars - the Baltic Pearl project is on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, southwest of St. Petersburg, Russia. China is building a new small town with 35000 people. Shanghai Industrial Group invested 1.7 billion pounds to complete the project, which was originally planned to be completed in six to eight years, but was later postponed due to the financial crisis

after the completion of the project, there will be 14000 apartments, 5 schools and 9 kindergartens, as well as shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas and other facilities

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