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Six new standards for the packaging industry environmental protection packaging enterprise transformation business opportunities come a statistics from the Ministry of Commerce says that nearly 24billion US dollars of export commodities in China are affected by the failure to meet the packaging requirements every year, and a considerable part of them are caused by the failure of packaging to meet the green requirements

in this regard, the industrial policy department of the national development and Reform Commission recently issued a document saying that extravagance and waste of product packaging are common in China, and have seriously affected product exports

recently, the company has formulated some policies, and will implement six new industry standards for the packaging industry from September 1 to promote the environmental protection of the commodity packaging industry. It also said that it would introduce the new screw speed slow start system for environmental friendly packaging from Japan and other countries. Industry insiders believe that the transformation business opportunities of China's environmental protection packaging enterprises may come

it is reported that China's standards related to food and drug packaging are relatively backward, and only 30 of the more than 80 standards were established after 2000

according to the national development and Reform Commission, six new standards for the packaging industry, including the plastic logistics turnover box, have been formulated and will be implemented from September 1. In addition, the provisions on the administration of inspection and supervision of imported and exported food packaging containers and packaging materials have been implemented since August 1 this year. All packaging containers and packaging materials used for the hydrostatic time measurement of imported and exported food pipes that can work normally only after the sensors are calibrated again must undergo strict inspection, quarantine, supervision and management

enterprises are also very frequent in this regard. In April this year, the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee organized representatives of Tetra Pak China (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shandong Quanlin Packaging Co., Ltd. and other nine units to hold a meeting. It is planned to complete the two national standards of paper-based composite materials for aseptic packaging of liquid food and paper-based composite materials for fresh-keeping packaging of liquid food (roof package) in October this year, Ensure that the submitted materials reach the Review Department of the National Standardization Management Committee before the end of the year

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