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Sixin communication will participate in the 25th Moscow International Communication Exhibition from May 14 to 17, 2013. The 25th Moscow International Communication Exhibition (sviaz/expo comm mos11, sample basket 3 cow 2013) will be held in the Moscow Exhibition at the wards automotive interior conference held in Detroit, USA on May 13. The exhibition, jointly sponsored by the Russian Ministry of information and the Ministry of industry and trade, is the largest professional communication and information technology exhibition in Russia and the CIS region

Sixin communication is a backbone enterprise in the M2M field. It is good at stable communication in the product reliability group and leads the wireless communication application when the IOT is hit again and is abnormal. The whole line of IOT wireless communication products, customized solutions and key new products will be displayed at this exhibition. Including 4g/3g/2.5g cellular wireless communication products for long-distance data transmission group, ZigBee wireless communication products for short-distance data transmission group, GPS series products for positioning and tracking group, upgraded 3G dual card router, 3G wireless r in our life Tu, etc., the whole line is fully equipped

in addition, Sixin will demonstrate the application scheme of wireless communication terminal products in key fields and customized services on site

for a long time, while exploring the domestic market, Sixin has actively expanded the international market and actively integrated into the competition pattern of the international communication industry. The products have CE, FCC, SGS and other quality certifications, and are widely used in the fields of power, transportation, finance and so on in overseas markets. The products have been tested by projects and recognized by customers for a long time

Sixin, we sincerely invite all new and old users to come to Sixin booth to learn about the most cutting-edge IOT wireless communication products, experience wireless group applications, exchange industry solutions, and share wireless application experience. I believe your trip will be worthwhile

time: May 14-17, 2013 (Tuesday to Friday)

exhibition address: Moscow Exhibition Center, Russia

Sixin booth: 81d41

Sixin site contact: Jiang Runqing

exhibition location:

Sixin booth:

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