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Tianji automobile demonstrates its strength with "China speed" praised by the German automobile industry association on October 29, 2019, ers, managing director of the German automobile industry association (VDA), and his delegation visited Tianji automobile headquarters in Jiading, Shanghai. Dr. zhanghailiang, chairman and CEO of Tianji automobile, Dr. Niu Shengfu, director and CTO of Tianji automobile, and Xiang Dongping, director and CEO of Tianji automobile attended the event. With rich professional theories and forward-looking development perspectives, the experts from the German automobile industry association who came to visit this time discussed and exchanged the forward-looking technology development trend of the new energy automobile industry and the new automobile retail channel mode with the senior leaders of Tianji automobile, and put forward valuable suggestions on the development of Tianji automobile products and brands

(a delegation led by naging director of VDA (third from the left), managing director of the German automobile industry association, visited the Tianji automobile headquarters)

the German automobile industry association (VDA) is an association organization composed of some automobile manufacturers, their partners, suppliers and some tractor manufacturers. The association has more than 600 hardness value reading methods: dialist members, including well-known automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Daimler, etc. More importantly, VDA has presided over the preparation of a series of automotive industry standards, such as the famous VDA6.1 certification, which must be passed by suppliers of the German automotive industry. For Chinese auto enterprises, obtaining VDA6.1 certification means that they are in line with international advanced management rules and obtain a "pass" to enter the international market

ingenuity: German gene, quality first

"as a German, we highly recognize the ingenuity of Tianji automobile. Only by strictly controlling the quality in each production and testing link can we deliver the most perfect and reliable products to users." Er, managing director of the German automobile industry association, said

it is reported that the core management team and technical team of Tianji automobile have more than 20 years of industry experience. There is no lack of senior talents from well-known car companies such as Porsche, Volkswagen and GM, especially the management team from well-known German car companies, which has injected into the brand the rigorous and exquisite gene of "quality first" German car making

it is noteworthy that, as a key production base planned in strict accordance with the national industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing standard, the production management and quality control level of Tianji automobile Shaoxing factory fully correspond to the German car making standard. It is carried out in accordance with the concept and method of lean production from the planning, construction and operation, aiming to surpass the general industry standards and create a Tianji characteristic quality management system with full product life cycle and full business chain

(Tianji automobile Shaoxing intelligent production base)

the team of Tianji automobile has also accumulated profound R & D strength in chassis platform, vehicle performance, three electric technology, lightweight technology, etc., so as to lay the core high point of the brand in the field of vehicle R & D and production - to grasp quality control. Dr. zhanghailiang said, "relying on the leading intelligent Internet technology and strict German car making technology, Tianji automobile is committed to bringing a driving experience that is more in line with the needs of domestic consumers. We believe that through a professional management mechanism, we will strictly control the quality and achieve the sustainable development of the brand."

first in the industry: business innovation of "user thinking"

in order to meet the escalating consumer demand, Tianji automobile's forward-looking business model, as one of the overall strategic priorities, reorganizes the automobile marketing business chain with the user operation concept, and introduces the industry's original new automobile retail model

introduce to Dongping and ers that Tianji automobile adopts a sales system combining online and offline. Offline includes the brand experience store Tianji center, the sales center intelligent selection space, the service center reassuring workshop, and the express point express station. Online includes three systems: cloud store commodity service, intelligent inventory flow, and intelligent SaaS management, so as to integrate resources to build a s2b2c platform, seamlessly connect a new generation of consumers, and provide scenario based Social, digital and intelligent marketing experience

at the same time, based on the service concept of "peace of mind and worry free", Tianji automobile launched the "365" full scene service brand and service system of Tianji Changxing, providing users with five service solutions, covering all links such as vehicle preparation and delivery, charging service, maintenance, insurance rescue, replacement and recovery, and daily travel, forming a closed-loop service covering all aspects of vehicle purchase and use

ers discussed with Xiang Dongping with great interest the future development direction of new auto retail, and said: "this is really a business model that subverts the tradition. Ten years ago, no one thought that cars could also adopt this new retail model."

skyline speed: the factory and products have been steadily "landing"

"from the formal establishment of the enterprise in 15 years to now, Shaoxing intelligent factory has entered the trial production stage. The speed of skyline cars is amazing!" After listening to Dr. Niu Shengfu's brief introduction to skyline me7 and Shaoxing smart factory, ers couldn't help sighing

(Tianji automobile modeling team introduced Tianji me7 to ERS)

based on whether the indoor power supply is powered on in the core direction of independent forward research and development, Tianji automobile took the lead in building the ima architecture known as "the first architecture of intelligent electric vehicles in China". This architecture combines the software and hardware multi-layer collaborative architecture, integrates forward-looking technologies in vehicle, it, Internet and other fields, and can respond to consumers' demand for intelligent connection of electric vehicles all the time

Based on the ima architecture, skyline me7 has a powerful AI algorithm and cloud computing platform. Skyline has developed a virtual AI fairy sky. Xiaotian's image is a cute little hound active on the screen, which can be used as a human-computer interaction assistant. At the scene, experts from the German automobile industry association sat in the me7 car in the sky, interacted with AI elf Xiaotian, asked Xiaotian to tell a joke, let Xiaotian open the sunroof, let Xiaotian plan the route, let Xiaotian adjust the temperature, let Xiaotian check the stock market... Through interaction with Xiaotian, the car is no longer just a simple travel tool, Urers, general manager of the China Office of the German automobile industry association, said: "personalized Zhilian technology can make Tianji me7 stand out, and a car can truly become a close intelligent partner."

at present, China's new energy vehicle market has "driven" into the fast lane of development, and the "sky speed" is still outstanding under this background. "Two years ago, we completed the product, R & D, intelligent manufacturing and network layout; one year ago, we launched the world's first luxury intelligent electric SUV me7 at the Guangzhou auto show; within five years, a number of models will be launched in the sky, covering the main segment markets such as cars, SUVs and MPVS." Dr. zhanghailiang said

(ERS experiences the me7 vehicle Internet technology in the sky)

China has become the world's largest country in the production and marketing of new energy vehicles for four consecutive years. New energy vehicles are an important opportunity for the development of China's automobile industry. How to seize the opportunity to overtake on the curve? Zhanghailiang said: innovation is the way to start a business. Based on our talent pool, we will start from the "product + service" of "good and interesting", open up the "Online + offline" value chain, and build a service ecology of users' travel in a full-dimensional life scene. Tianji automobile is willing to use its own efforts to create a full-time evolving intelligent mobile terminal and the ultimate driving experience for Chinese consumers, and is willing to play a positive role in promoting the cause of China's intelligent electric vehicles

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