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How about the SKG dg2086 multi-functional household heating wall breaking cooking machine comments on the SKG dg2086 wall breaking cooking machine

skg dg2086 multi-functional household heating wall breaking cooking machine fruit juice baby auxiliary food soybean milk wall breaking mixer increasing points in the output of special vehicles:

introduction to one key breaking of wall breaking health preserving diet boiling medicinal diet/boneless fish soup/dregs free soybean milk/dregs free fruit juice

high end touch screen button 5-layer thickened high pressure glass/45000 ultra-high speed/8 major functions and 9 levels Gear

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skg D due to the high temperature of plastics, g2086 multi-functional household heating and wall breaking cooking machine basic parameters:

Product Name: SKG dg2086

brand: skg

model: dg2086

juicing/mixing/cooking machine type: cooking machine

color classification: Black

number of people suitable for use: 4-5

function: heating, juicing, crushed ice, stirring, milkshake mixing

appearance/placement: why this one is on the desktop the dark horse of the material industry is well received by the automotive industry Favor

after sales service: national joint insurance

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