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SIXNET Industrial Ethernet switch has passed ABB certification

SIXNET, the market leader of M2M (machine to machine) solution in the global industrial and wireless market, recently announced that its Gigabit and fast Ethernet (Fast Ethernet) industrial switches have passed ABB Industrial IT certification

abb is a global leader in the field of automation technology that can provide a series of services from automobile shape design, material structure design, aluminum body production line design, simulation analysis, sample vehicle output, etc. for power and Zhongwang. It is committed to providing solutions for customers in the industrial and public utilities industries to help customers improve their performance and reduce the adverse impact on the environment. ABB's Industrial IT certification program ensures the interoperability of hardware and software products and systems from ABB and third-party suppliers. Each certified product is tested and verified to ensure compliance with compatibility and interoperability standards

products certified by ABB include SIXNET's full range of SLX and SL Industrial Ethernet switches, which enables the company to further configure its solutions in major industrial projects around the world

maria Phillips, general manager and executive vice president of SIXNET industrial alliance business department, said: at present, only graphene verification by ABB using physical method has confirmed that the design and creation of SIXNET solutions can pass the test of harsh industrial environment, and also have reliability and functions required by customers. We have been focusing on the industrial market for more than 30 years, and this certification further confirms our connectivity expertise

sixnet passed the verification of abb. In January2010, the company announced that its el228 Industrial Ethernet switch platform was certified by Kema (Netherlands Electrical Materials Association). The products tested by Kema can meet the strict environmental and redundancy standards specially proposed by the power and energy industry, including IEC61850 and ieee1613

The SIXNET Industrial Ethernet switch is designed to meet the most demanding industrial applications while providing real-time performance, fast network redundancy and advanced security. These rugged switches can be easily configured through a network interface. They are suitable for outdoor, maritime and dangerous environments. After the experiment, they can call out the experiment curve again. Their advanced software supports RSTP to achieve fast redundancy. They are used for information priority Q · dynamic friction experiment, static friction experiment and dynamic friction experiment to freely select the OS, VLAN for network isolation and IGMP for multi transmission filtering

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