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Decoration owner: my floor is made of bamboo and wood. It didn't take long for it to bubble. It looks ugly. Did I buy a bad bamboo and wood floor or something wrong with my maintenance and installation

thank you: Hello, the owner. Recently, our Wuhan home decoration network also received a response from the owner, saying that we don't know how to choose bamboo and wood flooring, and don't know the daily maintenance and installation methods, which finally caused a lot of losses. Today, I will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo and wood flooring, selection skills, daily maintenance methods, and installation precautions

bamboo wood composite floor is a composite regeneration product of bamboo and wood. Its panel and bottom plate are made of superior bamboo, and its core layer is mostly made of fir, camphor and other wood. Its production depends on sophisticated machinery and equipment, advanced science and technology and standardized production process. After a series of nearly 40 complex processes, such as corrosion prevention, moisture prevention, high pressure, high temperature, gluing and rotary grinding, it can be made into a new type of composite floor plate

advantages: natural and fresh appearance, delicate and smooth arts and Sciences, moisture and corrosion resistance, and toughness

bamboo and wood flooring is strong and elastic; At the same time, its surface hardness can be comparable to that of common wood species in wooden floors, such as cherry and beech. On the other hand, because the core material of the floor adopts wood as raw material, it has excellent stability, durability, good foot feel, coordinated style, good sound insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, especially suitable for indoor decoration such as home environment and sports and entertainment places. From the perspective of health, bamboo and wood composite flooring is particularly suitable for the aging population and infants in cities, and it also has a protective buffer effect on people who like sports


the color difference is small, because the growth radius of bamboo is much smaller than that of trees, it is not seriously affected by sunlight, and there are obvious differences between the Yin and Yang sides. Therefore, the bamboo floor has rich bamboo patterns, and the color is symmetrical; high surface hardness is also an advantage of the bamboo floor. Because the bamboo floor is a plant coarse fiber structure, its natural hardness is more than twice that of wood, and it is not easy to deform. The theoretical service life is 20 years. In terms of stability, the shrinkage and expansion of bamboo floor are smaller than that of solid wood floor. However, in terms of actual durability, bamboo flooring also has disadvantages: delamination will occur under the influence of sunlight and humidity





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