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On October 25, the domestic high-end wall fabric brand, China's top ten wall fabrics - kroya, will carry out an activity with the theme of "gratitude for the great benefits such as the arrival of 7 - kroya wall fabric 7th anniversary brand regional linkage" (hereinafter referred to as "7th anniversary linkage") in Jiangsu Province in conjunction with major kroya stores in the province. This activity, with many projects and great efforts, aims to maximize the benefits to consumers in Jiangsu Province. Thank the new and old customers in Jiangsu for their support and love for the corona brand in the past 7 years

kroya brand was founded in 2012. In October of the same year, the first franchise store opened in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province. This time, kroya chose to start the linkage activity in Jiangsu Province. It is with the ambition of regaining its original heart, to review its seven-year history, and to give back the trust and trust given by Jiangsu consumers at the beginning of the brand's founding with gratitude

the "7th anniversary linkage" activity held by corona will start on October 25 and last until November 18, radiating the whole Jiangsu area. It will work with major corona wall fabric stores in Jiangsu to carry out a total of 7 activities through "gift upon entering the store", "huge discount", "full purchase of 1 yuan", "lottery", "whole house customization", "design assistance support" and "gold medal after-sales maintenance", Make profits and give back to consumers in an all-round way

Luo Ya also attached great importance to this linkage conference

it is reported that in the early stage of the linkage meeting, that is, from October 23 to 24, the corona brand will hold a two-day and one night special training meeting for corona dealers in Jiangsu Province and the launching meeting of corona Jiangsu linkage activities at Sheraton Hotel in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Professional activity training teachers will give lectures and guidance on the spot to help Xinli open the activities, and then in the next "seventh anniversary linkage" activities, and even in the future store operations, Bring consumers a more comprehensive and professional service experience

at the same time, kroya will also take the 7th anniversary of the establishment of the brand as an opportunity to return to the original point, never forget the original intention, and re invest in the next round of brand upgrading and evolution with the modesty and urgency of new people and new brands




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