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Yadan home shares the duplex design, which makes your house richer than the villa. Let's have a look at this design against the sky

last night, a friend suddenly reported good news, saying that he bought a big house and changed the flat floor to a duplex. From then on, life is going to be a higher floor, that is, how to design it well ~

this wave of wealth show, well, Dandan accepted ~

it's a coincidence that Dandan also encountered several owners who bought duplex to ask for decoration cases recently

obviously, they are all "aristocrats". How come everyone is so excellent ~

they all say that duplex is well installed. They directly rush to super large villas. Then how can duplex be installed in the end to show atmosphere

let's take a look at @steven's exquisite "lecherous" duplex home today

1. To the top of the shoe cabinet into the house, to the top of the locker storage

@steven's home, enter the door is a cabinet to the top of the shoe cabinet

a series of needs such as changing shoes, hanging coats, and placing handy items (such as keys and bags) can be completed here

the shoe changing stool is small and comfortable. The open design at the bottom and middle of the shoe cabinet saves the steps of opening and closing the cabinet door, and it is more convenient to change shoes and take things

small space can be used greatly. Using the wall space to design the top lockers not only greatly increases the storage space of the home, but also the design of the glass cabinet door makes the home look more tasteful

2. Opening the restaurant, life is full of small joys

coming in from the porch is a fully open space, including the living room, dining room, storage area and staircase area, and the functional divisions of the whole space are at a glance

take an equal point and divide it into three, dividing the kitchen, dining room and living room. There is no barrier in the middle, and the scale of the space is completely opened

the simple table is just high enough to put a few small dishes and two bowls of porridge, which happens to be suitable for two or three people

the dining and wine cabinets next to them are all open and unrestrained. You can reach out and get the wine, glasses, tableware and even books you want. The red wine online article is a little joy of life

3. Simple and grand living room, build a high beauty value with color

as soon as you enter the living room area, the atmosphere instantly becomes active. The log white cabinet is matched with bright yellow and fashionable blue, with a low-key atmosphere and elegance, which makes the space look better

in addition to the floor cabinet, the TV hanging cabinet also adopts a fully open design, which not only stores and displays a cabinet, but also makes the space look more transparent

in addition to storing items, the floor cabinet can also be used as stairs, which is fashionable and comfortable

an art exhibition area is set under the stairs, which can also be used as a children's game area, with unlimited creativity such as masonry, demolition and construction, and fantasy

4. The bedroom is simple and calm, with outstanding temperament

walking up the stairs is the master's bedroom space. The designer abandoned the sense of color in the public area and made it as simple and calm as possible

when the breeze comes, enjoy a relaxing moment in reading and music

the open wardrobe with the same width and height as the bedroom has a large storage space, which is enough to accommodate the clothes of two people,

and the large area of the clothes hanging area is very popular with the hostess, so the trouble of not finding clothes is put an end to from now on

the built-in "floating window cabinet" in the bedroom can not only store things, but also chat and listen to music, which is simple and exquisite




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