The third elite special training camp of Yifa wind

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Success requires continuous learning, but few people can learn; Success needs guidance from noble people, but few people have mentors; The road to success is not crowded, because there are not many people who insist. "I am beautiful, I study, you are ugly, you are free"

on the morning of May 9, 2017, the third elite special training camp of Yifa group and Yifa University kicked off in the multimedia classroom of the headquarters office building. With the sentence "welcome the beautiful host to the stage", host Chen Ying stepped on the platform and began the preparations before the formal class. The host first divided the family members who participated in the training into groups, determined the name and call of each group, asked the team leaders to take an oath on the stage, then collected the family's Learning Fund, and finally made an agreement with the family. The host fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the students through the trilogy of "team building, pairing and mechanism building"

next is the speech of President Chen Xiao of Yifa University. First of all, President Chen welcomed the students from afar. Then President Chen said three hopes to the students who came to study this time: 1 I hope the students can have a deeper understanding of Yifa and a clearer brand positioning of Yifa doors and windows; 2. Hope the trainees can better understand the product knowledge and order process through training, and can dig out the selling points of more Yifa products; 3. I hope the trainees can improve through training and apply what they have learned

at last, President Chen ended his speech with a very enlightening sentence: "what can afford is survival, and what can afford is life; what can afford is ability, and what can afford is wisdom; if you can't afford it, you will be mediocre, and if you can't afford it, you will be exhausted. Only by putting down those unnecessary burdens can you move forward gracefully."

Xiaoyi believes that the family members of the students participating in this session will be able to put down those fearless burdens and study safely. Now let's see which families participated in this special training camp. Xiaoyi, let's welcome beautiful and handsome guys to come on stage. Please also see the team you love Cast a valuable vote for persistent learners:

group 1

team name: brave team

team call: brave and brave forever strive for the first

group 2

team Name: suns

team call: the sun shines brightly, the sun is always the strongest

group 3

team name: Yum team

team call: win every battle and march forward

group 5 <

team name: unity team

team call: unity is strength

Group 6

team name: No.1

team call: only be the first, not the second

group 7

team name: Fengyun team

team call: I'm happy, I make an order

continuous learning is the most basic element of success. Modern science and technology are changing with each passing day. We must constantly learn and improve in order to conform to the trend of the times. As the industry leader, Yifa door and window industry benchmark and industry model. Yifa doors and windows not only provides dealers with products that are more humanized and closer to market demand, but also provides dealers with various training services. The headquarters helps dealers cope with the increasingly fierce market competition through the training of professional knowledge and sales skills




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