The most popular electric pole broke at the waist,

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The "waist break" of the electric pole caused the knight to crash his car, and he couldn't find the culprit at the moment.

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18:15 on December 28, 2018

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Miaoli Xihu Township one pole of Miao 33 line was broken at the waist today, A motorcycle rider was injured when he fell. At the first time, the police thought that the old pole was broken by strong wind, but later found that other poles were damaged. It was suspected that other external forces would pull. However, due to the sparsely populated section of the road, the police still need to filter the suspicious vehicles one by one to find out the culprit, which would bring potential safety hazards

Miaoli County Fire Department said that at noon today, it was reported to the road rescue team of Miao line 33 in erhu village, Xihu township that a concrete pole numbered "gongguanzhi 13" was found lying on the road. The 30-year-old motorcycle rider surnamed Li was suspected of being caught by a fallen cable and was waiting for rescue at the roadside. Fortunately, Li Nan only had tears at the corners of his mouth and bruises on his hands and feet. He was clearly aware and sent to hospital for treatment

when the police arrived at the scene, they found that some iron bars at the fracture of the cement pole were corroded. In addition, the wind is strong today. It was once judged that the pole was old and collapsed due to strong wind

however, Chunghwa Telecom outsourcing engineering personnel arrived at the scene and inspected nearby. They found that another pole tilted about 300 meters away from the accident site, and the cable was pulled. It is suspected that other vehicles pulled the cable through the Shinn road section, which led to the breakage of the pole, so that passing riders could not dodge and fall off

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