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"Love", "responsibility" and "confusion": telemarketing has been plagued by a double-edged sword

marketing has rapidly become a new channel for major insurance companies Rio Tinto in recent years. The resulting troubles and disputes also revolve around this new thing. Will marketing fall victim to harassment

Prosperity: a new low-cost battlefield

as early as 2003, telemarketing was introduced into the domestic life insurance industry. In recent years, it has developed into one of the main forces of diversified marketing channels for life insurance companies. In the field of automobile insurance, the year-on-year decrease was 69% in February. In 2007, electric sales channels were introduced. In only three years, nearly 40 property insurance companies obtained electric sales licenses

this insurance sales method, which was first introduced by foreign life insurance companies, has irreplaceable advantages over traditional channels. It is understood that, compared with the face-to-face sales model of agents, marketing can be expected to be put into production at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019 to communicate directly with customers, which has strong initiative and pertinence. Compared with communication forms such as Internet and e-mail, telemarketing is more interactive and has a higher feedback rate. For insurance companies, because telemarketing directly faces customers and understands their needs, they can directly obtain first-hand information, which is conducive to product development and in-depth exploration of customer resources

for property insurance companies, the E-marketing channel of automobile insurance can save intermediary channel fees, with the advantage of low cost. In addition, insurance companies can easily obtain customers' first-hand information, changing the previous passivity of "there are insurance policies but no customers". It is understood that Ping An Property Insurance, the first in the industry to carry out e-marketing business, has achieved an annual premium growth rate of more than 100% since the business was launched in 2007. It took only two years to realize the profitability of E-marketing channels

China US MetLife is one of the first insurance companies to introduce telemarketing in China. The head of the telemarketing Department of its foreign shareholder MetLife once said in an interview with China business news that the telemarketing capacity of China US MetLife is more than 10 times that of the traditional marketing channel. At present, the marketing channel has achieved profits for four consecutive years

Li Kemu, vice chairman of CIRC, pointed out at the "third insurance informatization Summit Forum" that vigorously developing insurance e-commerce is conducive to optimizing the channel structure of the insurance industry, cultivating new business growth points, and promoting the formation of an innovation driven development model in the whole industry

disturbance: carpet bombing

however, telemarketing, a new channel favored by Zhongshou and property insurance companies, is a disturbance to most consumers. Almost every user has received insurance sales in various names

"usually, we will introduce insurance products to customers by giving back accident insurance for free. If the customer is interested in this product, we will continue to follow up and carry out in-depth development after giving them insurance. If the customer is interested in continuing to insure, we will promote other insurance products." A person from the diversified marketing department of an insurance company said

in order to compete and attract customers, many insurance companies cooperate with some call centers and other institutions, but these call centers are difficult to carry out systematic training and professional management for the staff. In order to improve the access rate and increase the policy commission, they will make "carpet" calls according to the number segment, causing great harassment to customers. For every car owner, when the auto insurance is about to be renewed, he will be bombarded by many insurance companies until the renewal procedures are completed

in addition, China Ping An's disturbing residents in the name of marketing, which was recently exposed by CCTV, does not belong to the field of telemarketing business, but these in the name of insurance companies have made the harassed users "smell the color of electricity to make the resin filling have a fair pressure and speed, and the smell of insurance is annoying"

confusion: risk and privacy

as one of the ways of direct selling, e-marketing also faces risks

especially for the telemarketing auto insurance business, since it mainly targets the personal auto insurance of middle and low-end models, and the average single premium is small, under the same compensation, the compensation ratio is generally about 10 percentage points higher than that of traditional channel sales. According to the people in the property insurance industry, the company usually chooses the regions with low loss ratio to carry out the e-sales auto insurance business, and is cautious to carry out the business in the regions with high loss ratio

another puzzle for telemarketing channels is that 7. It has overcurrent, overvoltage, undercurrent, undervoltage and other protections; The trip has three levels of protection: program-controlled limit, limit and software limit. How to avoid disputes with customers about privacy protection. The head of the relevant telemarketing Department of a joint venture insurance company told this newspaper that the dispute about telemarketing will exist not only in China, but also in any part of the world, because the government tends to protect the right to privacy, and China's regulatory authorities will increasingly strengthen the protection of the right to privacy. It is understood that in order to deal with harassment, the United States enacted the do not callact2003 act in 2003, according to which consumers can register not to accept harassment

"for Chinese companies, we need to adjust our mode to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations." Said the person in charge

a person from the diversified marketing department of an insurance company said that according to the company's regulations, the company will make corresponding records for those users who explicitly refuse insurance and will not call again. For users with initial intention, corresponding records will be made for the second marketing. Generally speaking, even for users who have intention but have not signed the bill in the end, they will not be called more than three times to avoid causing too much disturbance to users

in order to strengthen the supervision of telemarketing channels, the CIRC issued the notice on promoting the standardized development of marketing business of life insurance companies, which stipulates the internal management, product management, sales process management, after-sales service management and other contents of telemarketing of insurance companies. However, due to the lack of corresponding punishment, there is a lack of hard binding force on the insurance companies that violate the rules. First finance

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