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The major of electrical automation has become a higher vocational major with strong demand. The major of electrical automation technology mainly cultivates high-level technical application professionals who master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of the major of electrical automation and are engaged in the installation, design, commissioning, maintenance and technical management of industrial electrical control equipment and systems. According to the latest 2010 employment blue book released by Mycos, based on the employment data of vocational college students from 2007 to 2009 half a year after graduation, this major belongs to the vocational college major with the largest demand in short supply required by the country to revitalize the industry

the revitalization industries corresponding to the electrical automation technology specialty include shipbuilding industry, electronic information industry, textile industry, iron and steel industry, automobile industry, light industry, petrochemical industry, non-ferrous metal industry and equipment manufacturing industry; And they are in a state of strong demand, which means that the employment rate of the major half a year after graduation is higher than 90% and 2% higher than the national average employment rate of the major category

Mycos' research also shows that electrical automation technology is one of the top 100 majors with the largest employment volume in the three higher vocational colleges in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The employment rates of the graduates of the three higher vocational colleges after half a year are 90.9%, 89.8% and 90% respectively, which are more than 5 percentage points higher than the national average level of the same year; Compared with the automation class in the same major, except that the 2007 class is slightly lower, the 2008 class and the 2009 class are respectively higher. How can they be called by the old scalper? In fact, it is 2.8 and 3.1 percentage points higher than the average level of the same major

in terms of salary, the average monthly salary of the 2009 graduates of electrical automation technology after half a year is 1958 yuan, ranking among the top 100 among the graduates of the same vocational college after half a year, about 4 percentage points higher than the national average of 1890 yuan and the average of 1888 yuan in the same major. The employment of this major is mainly for the application development and technical service of electrical equipment and control system. Many cities have tried to use permeable concrete in parking lots and non traffic congested sections, and the operation, maintenance and management of enterprise electrical equipment or power supply and distribution system. The occupations with high matching degree include electrical engineer, industrial engineering technician who applies ultra-low magnetic field to a specific position of the composite as required, electronic and electrical repair technician of power station, substation and relay station, commercial and industrial electronic and electrical equipment repair technician, and electrical and electronic transportation equipment installer and repair technician. These occupations are among the 50 highest paid occupations for graduates of higher vocational colleges

in terms of job stability, according to the survey conducted by Mycos, the turnover rate of the graduates of the 2009 Higher Vocational College majoring in electrical automation technology within half a year was 42%, ranking among the top 100 higher vocational colleges, but slightly lower than the national average level of the same year. In the medium term, the follow-up survey of 2006 graduates by Max shows that electrical automation technology is the major with the most frequent career or position changes within three years after graduation, reaching 85%, and its job stability is low

although the current market has a strong demand for the major of electrical automation technology, in view of its high career conversion rate, it is recommended that candidates should consider whether the major conforms to their own professional interests, personality and ability characteristics before applying for the exam, and increase their understanding of the work content, environment and work pursued by the corresponding profession, although the wires they provide are not 100% environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, the working knowledge required for the corresponding profession of this major covers the practical application knowledge of engineering technology, computer and electronics, mathematics, Chinese, accurate drawing, technical planning, etc

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