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China's electric vehicle market cannot be opened in one direction

it is reported that global automobile manufacturers have seen the huge prospect of the electric vehicle market and have focused on China. With China's huge investment in automobile charging piles and research, and its efforts to promote the development of battery powered vehicles by car manufacturers, several giants of the world's automobile industry have shifted their main scientific research and design work to China

China is the coolest and most attractive electric vehicle market in the world, but China's electric vehicle market can not be like other commodity markets in the past. As long as foreign capital is willing to invest, it can enter at will. China's electric vehicle market is gradually changing from a single commodity market and sales market to a comprehensive market integrating technology, R & D, process, design and products, that is, it is necessary to combine manufactured products with knowledge products. While introducing manufactured products and commodities to the Chinese market, it is also necessary to bring relevant knowledge products into China, so that China can not only enjoy the pleasure of manufacturing, Enjoy the fun of having knowledge products

for quite some time in the past, in order to change the backwardness of the economy and enhance its economic strength, China basically adopted the introduction of capital and low-end manufacturing in attracting investment, but did not have high requirements for knowledge products. Since a considerable number of foreign investment projects are low-end manufacturing, China has also been labeled as a "world factory". Why does China's industrial capital withdraw from the real industry with the development of the virtual economy, and many foreign-funded enterprises also withdraw from China under the impact of the financial crisis? In addition to the rising labor costs and the increasing requirements for environmental resources, these enterprises are not high in technology and profitability, and are difficult to cope with the high profit attraction of the virtual economy and the strong impact of the financial crisis. If these enterprises have their own core technology and core competitiveness, it is difficult for them to be impacted and affected by these factors

China puts forward the goal of economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, and puts forward the requirements of supply side structural reform. In the final analysis, it is to change the backward and passive situation that whether only production, no technology, only products, no design, and only enjoy the production link can produce an environmental protection product to replace plastic products with low profits and do not enjoy high profits in the field of knowledge products, that is, to exchange technology through the market Design, R & D and other knowledge products. Only with knowledge products can the international competitiveness of China's economy be improved

as one of the most attractive markets in the future, China's electric vehicles should change the situation of passively accepting the entry of global automobile giants in the past. China must not only become a production base, but also a research and development base and a design base. It can exchange technology, design and other knowledge products while opening up the product sales market, and enable global automobile giants to invest in the production base in China, but also integrate technology Design and other knowledge products are also brought in to truly achieve win-win results

on the issue of how to enter the Chinese market, auto giants will carefully consider and weigh repeatedly, and will compare and analyze the market, technology, design and other aspects. For them, bringing knowledge products such as technology and design into China is mostly unwillingness, and may even be interfered by the host government. However, the meeting also added an interview session. China's huge electric vehicle sales market is something that auto giants can't get rid of. How to enter the Chinese market in the end requires the auto giants to use their brains

low drug absorption the electric vehicle market in China is not a closed market. It is not only open to one or several automobile enterprises, but also to all automobile enterprises with this ability. If any enterprise is worried about the risks of technology and design entering the Chinese market, what is waiting for them may be to lose the huge Chinese market

China hopes to share its knowledge products with global automobile giants. At the same time, China is willing to take out its own products and share knowledge products with other countries, such as high-speed rail and nuclear power. By accelerating the pace of "going global", China is sharing its independently developed products, technologies and designs with other countries. Such interaction should be the most desired outcome of globalization

of course, in the face of the global automobile giants' attention to China's electric vehicle market, how Chinese automobile manufacturers deal with the new competition and how to gain advantages in the competition must also be carefully studied and considered. Once the global auto giants want to "get through", they are willing to invest technology, design and production in China, which will have a huge impact on China's own brand electric vehicles

the electric vehicle market cannot be opened in one direction, and cannot follow the old road of introducing gasoline vehicles. The parties concerned should make early preparations and formulate the strategy of exchanging the market for technology, design and other knowledge products. They should not wait until the global auto giants have set up a good situation in China, and then try to "make up for the lost"

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